You are missing the point. Wong being traded to play 2B means the Ms have JP at SS and a improvement but not championship mode in Wong. Ms needs to move JP to 2B and sign a big time SS bat or bring in a stud corner outfielder to play with Hernandez and JRod.

Remember, it’s no longer about “making the playoffs” as Ms brass keep saying. It’s about a WS Championship. You have 2-3 spots to fill. Just “spent” one on Wong. Has eve needle moved enough to win the AL West?


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Thank you for reading and for the feedback. The piece suggested we should wait to judge the offseason until it's closer to being over rather than during the winter meetings. Then, we'll have a better idea on the progress made this offseason.

I don't think I've ever heard Jerry Dipoto or Justin Hollander suggest the Mariners' goal was to just make the postseason. Here's a quote from Hollander on October 19 this year. I think the front office gets it. I included the link to the Seattle Times article in case you want to check it out for yourself.

“We had an awesome year. I think everybody up here will say that 10 times today. We’re really excited about the progress we made. We also finished 16 games behind the Astros. So the goal was not to get to the playoffs, the goal is to win the World Series. We want to get better and that means better everywhere.” - Justin Hollander


Again, thanks for the feedback and for subscribing! - Luke

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