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You enjoy reading about the Seattle Mariners. Your preference is thoughtful content rather than a video or a series of tweets masquerading as an article. Mariners Consigliere is what you seek.  

For those not familiar with me, I’ve been writing about the Mariners at Prosect Insider since 2014 and plan to continue doing so. From time to time, you may have heard my name or my voice on one of the many fine Seattle sports radio shows or podcasts when the subject of the Marines comes up.

Starting a newsletter permits me to dig into topics falling outside the purview of Prospect Insider. My vision for Mariners Consigliere is to share interesting information using common-sense analysis of facts and data without turning our conversation into an all-out nerd fest.

Beyond a regular newsletter focused on individual topics, there will be routine “Rounding Out The Numbers” releases with pertinent stats and other noteworthy information about a specific Mariner, the team itself, the opposition, or stuff happening around MLB. This element of the newsletter will pick up steam once the regular season gets underway.

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